History of Estis Compression

Estis Compression was organized in January of 2002 with the idea of becoming the strongest regional alternative for small horsepower gas compression. In order to become what was envisioned, Estis enacted a core company strategy that focused on service and communication.

The founder of Estis Compression, Dennis Estis, was the owner and President of a privately held contract compression company that started in 1976. Along with many other smaller companies in the industry, they were purchased by one of the largest gas compression companies in the market today. Mr. Estis brought along with his 40 of years of expertise in compression the ideals of operational commitment which translates to strong communication and outstanding customer relations.

In the first days of Estis Compression, our primary focus was the opportunities in North Louisiana and North East Texas. Due to our performance and service philosophy, we have had the privilege to expand our operational areas into other regions. With equipment in Arkansas, Mississippi and further into Texas, Estis has continued to replicate in each area, the same approach to compression projects as we started in North Louisiana in the early 2000’s. Estis also has the ability to look into areas we are not yet operating, and develop ideas on how we could help with current operations. We continue to explore and discuss other potentials, our primary criteria for an expansion of geography is – can we do the job the way it needs to be done, and offer the exceptional service that the project deserves.

Estis Compression is now staffed with qualified experienced personnel that have well over 150 years of combined experience in the gas compression industry.