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Estis Compression uses innovative application engineering, precision manufacturing and reliable field service to help customers transform production KPIs and help each well deliver to its fullest potential. This means both designing and building state-of-the-art, high-quality compressor packages and putting responsive experts in place to keep customers running strong.


Estis Compression is one of the industry's leading experts on well pad compression—helping operators maximize uptime, production and profits. This includes not only providing application engineering expertise, but also field compressor sales, lease, installation, service, maintenance and consultation.

Because we both build and maintain these systems, we're able to use our extensive field experience to continually make high-impact design refinements—meaning our hardware only gets better over time. We’re also able to use our OEM-level understanding of the equipment to keep systems running at peak performance in the field.

Our exclusive focus on well pad compression, and end-to-end capabilities, allow us to deliver the perfect configuration for any operating condition. Estis customers get reliable equipment engineered for optimum uptime, and 24/7 coverage from talented technicians who troubleshoot and resolve problems on the spot.

From the Permian to the Marcellus and everywhere in between—Estis Compression is built for the field.

High Pressure
Gas Lift

More Confidence. Less Cost.

High-Pressure Gas Lift (HPGL) is an artificial lift methodology that replaces failure-prone downhole ESPs with special surface compression equipment. High-pressure line gas is injected down the tubing and deep into the well, producing up the annulus. This means that 100 percent of the lift system is on the surface.

  • Delivering the same or better production volumes but with much lower maintenance costs, since there are no downhole ESPs to fail (ESP failures can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, depending on the region)
  • Improving uptime and overall cost of ownership, since both Non-Productive Time (NPT) and maintenance costs are both reduced
  • Running on line gas, so the gas lift system is not tethered to the need for a nearby power grid—perfect for remote wells
  • Navigating deviated holes, doglegs, sandy formations and other situations more effectively for better management of bottom-hole pressure as a whole

The Wolf
High Pressure Gas Lift

Built for the field.

Estis Compression’s contract services let you deploy state-of-the-art compression without the CAPEX or maintenance hassle. We engineered and built this equipment—so we know how to keep it running strong. And since we also run it in the field, we continually suggest refinements in design, materials, technologies, etc. that make each iteration of equipment more field-ready than the last.

  • Immediate responsiveness throughout the service area
  • Specialized application engineering insights
  • Expert technicians with OEM-grade equipment knowledge
  • Strategic locations with experts staged nearby
  • Quality systems made from leading brand name components
  • Regional experience that prevents or minimizes complications

Equipment That
Goes The Distance

Estis delivers hardware that works harder—bringing together name brand components and insightful engineering that keeps you online 24/7. Easy to maintain and adaptable as flow characteristics evolve, our system designs offer numerous refinements as a result of Estis Compression’s extensive field experience. And operators can customize systems to their own engineering specifications. We even offer conveniences such as remote monitoring and tuning.

Compressor Packages
Compressor Packages

Application Expertise

Estis Compression brings specialized understanding of well pad compression applications to every project. That means we not only know how to bring superior compression performance to your well, but also know how to utilize well pad compression in ways you might not have considered. All to help accomplish production objectives and overcome challenges with better efficiency and economics.



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