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Scalable systems. Field support. Advanced troubleshooting. Estis Compression was built to help. We bring high-performance packages, with design continually refined by our hands-on field experience—as well as responsive service in a class all its own. All delivered with innovative application engineering that helps unlock new production potential and solve problems quickly.

Estis Compression is one of the industry's leading experts on wellpad compression—helping operators maximize uptime, production and profits. This includes not only providing application engineering expertise, but also system sales, lease, installation, service and maintenance.

Because we both build and service these systems, we're able to use our extensive field experience to continually make high-impact design refinements—meaning our hardware only gets better over time. We’re also able to use our OEM-level understanding of the equipment to keep systems running at peak performance in the field.

Our exclusive focus on wellpad compression, and end-to-end capabilities, allow us to deliver the perfect configuration for any operating condition. Estis customers get field-friendly equipment designed for optimum uptime, and 24/7 coverage from talented mechanics who troubleshoot and resolve problems on-the-spot.

From the Permian to the Haynesville and everywhere in between—Estis Compression is built for the field.

Innovation In The Field

High-Pressure Gas Lift

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High-pressure gas lift was once only feasible as an offshore production enhancement technique. But today, Estis Compression’s well pad compression experts can help deliver up to three times the injection pressure using this game-changing surface compression setup.

Because high-pressure gas lift injects line gas straight from the surface, well pads utilizing high-pressure gas lift require zero downhole intervention. This is a significant improvement over conventional gas lift designs.

High-pressure gas lift can also help lower ongoing operating costs. Because there are no downhole gas lift valves to repair, replace or maintain, overall cost of operation and ownership for these units is reduced.

This technique has also resulted in a significant uplift in production potential. In fact, one recent documented well experienced a 180/BOPD uplift after system installation. Ask your Estis Compression rep about anticipated results for your specific well.

Support That Has Your Back

For operators everywhere, the fight for 100 percent uptime never stops. That’s why Estis Compression’s on-demand field services team is committed to rapid response and effective troubleshooting 24/7. We can help you solve the problem and return to production quickly no matter what the challenge. And our units are serviced by experts with OEM-level insights, strategically staged so that there’s always someone nearby with the expertise to truly help.

  • Immediate responsiveness throughout the service area
  • Proven problem solving when you need it most
  • Strategic locations with experts staged nearby
  • The latest tools and technologies to keep you online
  • Technicians with OEM-grade equipment knowledge
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Make Your Next System Built For The Field

Did you know that the where of your compression application is every bit as important as the what or the why? Estis Compression’s field technicians understand the idiosyncrasies of well pad compression systems and how they’re affected by their specific operating environment. What’s more, since we both build the systems and perform field service, we bring those field insights back to the shop.

That's why we're able to design and specify systems optimized for your field and application every time, employing continuous feedback and refinement via field and design intelligence. As each service technician learns something new in the field, designs are enhanced. And as designs are enhanced, field units deliver better field performance for that application.

The result? Estis Compression customers just keep getting better and better value.

High-Pressure Gas Lift for Deviated Wells

As a leader in well pad compression, Estis brings you production enhancement options you just can’t get anywhere else. For example, highly deviated wells can pose a challenge to conventional gas lift applications—making plungers impractical (at, say, more than 50 degrees or so) and rendering gas lift valves less effective via gravitational impact.

Estis Compression is the only well pad compression specialist currently deploying high-pressure gas lift to improve the performance of highly deviated wells. By blasting a stream straight down the wellbore from an enhanced surface compressor, you can bring more value from these wells while eliminating the need for downhole intervention.

So true application engineering expertise can transform these wells from a challenge for production enhancement to a model of lift efficiency.

Equipment That Goes The Distance

Estis delivers hardware that works harder—bringing together name brand components and insightful engineering that keeps you online 24/7. Easy to maintain and adaptable as flow characteristics evolve, our system designs offer numerous refinements as a result of Estis Compression’s extensive field experience. And operators can customize systems to their own engineering specifications. We even offer conveniences such as remote monitoring and tuning.

Compressor Packages
Compressor Packages

Specialized Application Expertise

Estis Compression brings specialized understanding of well pad compression applications to every project. That means we not only know how to bring superior compression performance to your well, but also know how to utilize well pad compression in ways you might not have considered. All to help accomplish production objectives and overcome challenges with better efficiency and economics.


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